Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sisterhood of the Hoodies

We've sold more hoodies than any other item in our Nepal line.   Our customers love them!  Each one is as unique as the person who wears it and they look fabulous on every body shape.  So there are a ton of you out there who are part of the "sisterhood of the hoodie!"  You've heard of the "traveling pants"?  We thought it would be fun to sponsor a giveaway for another hoodie for the best story from one of our customers.  "What did you do while wearing your hoodie?"  You have until Nov 5 to tell us your story.... 

I have sold my hoodie right off my body to a shopper at the Gateway who couldn't wait to have one of her own.  I have worn my hoodie to California, San Antonio and Mexico (twice).   But the best story of all, is after over a year of teasing me about my hoodies from Nepal, and vowing to never wear anything I would pick out (sounds like a teenager) , my 13 yr. old put one on!  She wore it all day at Six Flaggs over Texas and looked adorable in it!    (Maybe it was because we were out of state and she wouldn't run the risk of being seen in it!   Ha Ha)  Here is proof!  Am I right?  She is adorable and so is the hoodie.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Thank you for your comments and feedback! We are happy to announce the winners of BOTH give-aways!

The Traveling Trunk would like to congratulate AMY, owner of Vintage Fern ( a great etsy spot to pick up modern twists on t-shirts, purses, aprons etc...) Check her out!  Amy you have won the darling orange knit hat that our mystery model was wearing. And by the way, you named it all!

Jeni Gochnor has graciously offered one of her Gourds as a Give-away, and we would like to congratulate JINII,  who said "I love Jeni's Gourd, they truly are art!"

SAVE THE DATE!!! The Traveling Trunk Holiday Show is December 10, 11 and 12! Stay tuned, on Monday we will be posting vendor information, location and start a NEW CONTEST! Happy Halloween Weekends!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Spooky Stories about YOUR pumpkins !

Thanks to all of you who came out to Jeni Gochnor's  Autumn Show, I think we all agree it was a BIG HIT!
In light of what obviously must be such busy lives you lead, we are going to extend our CONTEST GIVE AWAYS for on more week! We have decided that for Jeni's Gourd  Give-Away, we will simply choose a random number of the comments since it will get us a winner more quickly:) SPREAD THE WORD, she has such a talent for these Gourds and women travel from far and wide to buy them....and she wants to give you one! SO, remember, we want to hear about your Gourd experiences be it one of Jeni's or one you carved on your own !

Our Mystery Model Contest will also be extended for another week, in order to give you all more time to view her overflowing apparel. Tell us what you think? What is she wearing? Be the one to list it all or the most and win something  she is wear for yourself! These clothes and jewelry are a sampling of the fun items we carry at all our boutiques. Many of you have purchased hoodies and jewelry from us....we want to hear from you TOO!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Annoucing Jeni Gochnor's Fabulous SPOOKY Art Show!

Be sure to stop by the new location and shop around for great Halloween Decor, as well as many many new and artistic vendors. Home Decor, candy, jewelry (yours truly will be there, that's me Alyssa and Fleur Des Lys) along with Bandango (that's Melissa and Amy) whose great stuff is pictured all over our blog and their fun, fresh artsy clothing from Nepal!

IT's COMING UP QUICK.. so mark your calendar for the Jeni Gochnour's Annual Autumn Art Show!!

The NEW location is at the beautiful Holladay Gardens Condos located at 1706 E. Murray Holladay Road (4800 S.) right across for the Holladay Lions Club.

 The Show starts THURSDAY!, October 15th from 6pm to 9pm and runs through Friday, October 16th 9am to 6pm. Go to her new blog at for more information. See you there!!!

GIVE AWAY! GIVE AWAY! GIVE AWAY! Jeni is offering a GOURD give away!! GET OUT!

Jeni is an amazing artist, who has made an art out of painting and hand crafting gourds. Each one is unique, and has it's own flair!  So the CONTEST is this, be the 31st person to comment. We want to hear your favorite GOURD story, be it one of Jeni's or simply something YOU carved yourself!

AND don't forget......


Featured  Today is another picture of our mystery model with selected goods she is wearing. To sweeten the deal, our jewelry vendor is going to offer a give-away also, again from something the mo-d-ell, is wearing. REMEMBER, try to name all the items she is wearing in a comment by Friday to enter the GIVE AWAY contest! Be the first to name all the items she is wearing!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Trick, Your Treat!

 In an attempt to provide *beautiful* pictures of our goods for the blog, our photographers decided to play a trick on us.  I mean it is Halloween, we should have been prepared.  The trick was this:  Our clever, jokester model (aka Alyssa's style savvy sisters)  decided to pile on the goods, post the picture on our blog and wait for our reaction... The truth, we thought the pictures were FUN! So we are turning their trick into our treat which we hope you will share in.

Here's the TRICK-Y part: For the next week, until Friday October  16th, we are going to post several pictures of our jokester model and we want you to comment on what she is wearing. The person who can name all the stylish items she is wearing accurately before Friday wins our give away! Which will be your TREAT! A hint: the give away will be something our mystery model is wearing. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Treats From our Trunk

The first treat, I want to share with you is how the three of us got together for business and pleasure. Melissa, Amy and I are all stay at home moms, with a total of eleven children between us. A year ago, I got a phone call from Amy who said, "We are leaving in 15 minutes to catch a flight on JetBlue, pack your bags and get a babysitter." We had been boutiquing together for awhile, but we decided we wanted to run our own boutique and needed some fresh ideas. Since then we try to travel together once a year to find unique gifts for women and children. And if we are lucky enough to travel with our families, we are always on the look out for great new stuff.

This fall, one of the items we are featuring are these fun skirts, made in Nepal, that truthfully are year round skirts in my book. Throw on a white t-shirt from Banana Republic, JCrew, or Gap and then add your flavorful skirt, with flip flops. For winter, the skirt is eye catching with black or brown boots and again your favorite sweater in any solid color, the skirt has many. I love to have something unique to wear, it doesn't have to be expensive but it also doesn't have to come from a chain store. The treasure is in the finding, seeking out great design from all corners of the world brought to by us in your own community, whether you are local or blogging.

We are excited to share our great finds with you. Be sure to check back with us through out the week for more treasures each day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Show Dates!

We are on the move in October with several wonderful shows!   Each show has new vendors and items you won't want to miss.   The Traveling Trunk will be featured in each show with all our wonderful clothing and accessories for fall.   During October, The Traveling Trunk, will feature beautiful hand crewelled purses, bags and wallets, just in time for a great new fall look!  

Art Market
Sugarhouse Park Garden Center
1602 E. 2100 S.
Saturday. Oct 10 10am-6pm

Salt Lake Downtown Farmers Market
Only two Saturdays left!
Saturday, October 10 & 17,  8am- 1pm
Find our booth on the south side (400 S.) of Pioneer Park
Fall weather is a perfect time to stock up on a new hoodie!

Jeni Gochnour Art Show
Holladay Garden Condos
1706 E. Murray Holladay Rd. (4800 S.)
Holladay, UT
Thursday, Oct 15   6pm-9pm
Friday, Oct 16        9am-6pm
You have got to come see Jeni's hand painted whimsical gourds.  
They are the perfect fall decoration for every home!

Piper and Chloe Holiday Show
Farmington, Utah
November 5th and 6th
Check out Piper and Chloe's blog and Holiday Show, they
have gathered new and cutting edge artists from around the valley to give
you an updated modern and artistic experience.

Ribbons Holiday Show
Julie Egan's Open House
2924 Valley View Ave.
November 4th and 5th

Queen Bee Boutique
2701 E. Flamingo Drive (4940 S.)
Holladay, UT
Nov 10 6pm-10pm
Nov 11 10am-7pm
Nov 12 10am-5pm

The Traveling Trunk Boutique
Holiday Show Dates
Dec 10-12, 2009
Location TBA