Thursday, December 2, 2010

Artists We LOVE!

Mary McBride is a returning vendor whose fabrics are to DIE for and ideas are so CLASSIC!
We love her nightgowns and many of you are returning in hopes to find more for this Christmas Season. Mary always has a variety of beautifully sewn IDEAS. Thank you MARY!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


IT is December 1st! And I will share with you all that for the first time IN MY LIFE!! I am done with my Christmas Shopping! Now, what a complete irony right? I run a boutique and before our show I am done? Right? Well, consider that I have 5 children under the age of 13:) Which means, most of what is on their lists is unfortunately COMING OUT OF CHINA! Don't tell them, they still believe it is from the Great White North. Which is kind of China... and got me thinking about:


While I may be mostly done with big ticket items for my children, I am FAR from done with gifts for my extended family, neighbor gifts and lets not FORGET the TEACHERS!! of 5 children all doing at least 2 things each = 10 teachers + our beloved SCHOOL teacher = 15 ish.

I love Boutiques because 1) people are amazingly creative and come up with some seriously cool stuff (lets be honest, I like cool stuff, though I am trying to wax philosophical) 2) most items are handmade, or hand picked from unique and creative sources 3) I am supporting LOCAL economy and NOT giving more money to CHINA. I love to keep it LOCAL.

Aside from my political/moral views, did I mention how really COOL the gifts are? Yummy treats to give to family and neighbors, PERFECT neighbor gifts and GIFTS for those hard to BUY for FRIENDS and INLAWS:)))) Always something unique, and beautifully packaged. Your shopping made SO simple and yet SO meaningful! DON'T MISS IT!

And this year, FINE ART to DIE FOR! We are featuring 3 Local Fabulous and upcoming Artists! BUt that will be for Tommorrows POST! :) Until then.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


The Traveling Trunk HOLIDAY SHOW will be held at:
1811 East Ninth South, Salt Lake City, Utah!

We will be right in the HEART of our favorite digs, the charming Harvard/Yale Neighborhood!
We hope to see you all there, and want to remind you to start those Christmas LISTS!!